MC Indicators

No Curve Fitting Low Risk, High Reward
MC Indicators © cannot be Over-Optimized.
The proprietary MC Method © ensure that only objective and solid information is generated, same for everyone.
The High Precision and Objectivity of MC Indicators © allow traders to spot great Risk:Reward Trading Opportunities, and adopt sophisticated trading strategies.

High Quality Real-Time Analysis, No MTF, No Repaint, No Lag, High Precision.

MC Fractal Studies ©
Suite is composed of 5 Technical Indicators as of now.
These Technical Indicators, MC Indicators, are:

 MC Waves Size ©
MC Waves Size show you the size of the various up and down waves.
 MC Market Structure ©
MC Market Structure show you the upwaves (green above zero) and downwaves (red above 0), along with the retraces (or countertrend moves) within such waves (green or red below 0).
 MC Waves Oscillator ©
 MC Waves Oscillator show you the distance between price and the supports/resistances of each up and down waves.
 MC Market Structure Oscillator ©
 MC Market Structure Oscillator show you the waves structure, green disappear when a support is broken, red disappear when a resistance is broken, the result is an oscillator-style Market Structure indicator.
 MC Waves Structure On Chart ©
MC Waves Structure On Chart show you the support and resistance levels of the waves on various fractal scales, directly on chart.

Important: Keep not more than 5000 bars in your charts in order to experience a smooth use of MC Fractal Studies.



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