Dexlab Raises $1.44M To Develop Solana Gateway And Token Launchpad
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Dexlab Raises $1.44M To Develop Solana Gateway And Token Launchpad

Dexlab, a Malta-based blockchain company, closed a funding round of $1,444,000 USD on Friday, May 4, 2018, in order to continue developing the Solana platform as well as an upcoming gateway. Solana is a blockchain-agnostic platform for securing, executing, and governing the resources of large-scale, decentralized data applications. The funding was led by the European Investment Fund, with participation from …

Solana is the world’s first scalable blockchain platform that provides a set of low-latency, high-performance smart contracts for the management of complex, real-world distributed applications. Solana is powered by a novel protocol that uses a novel on-chain data structure, referred to as a “sharded cloud”, to provide extremely high performance and ultra low latency.

Seoul, South Korea, 30. June 2021,

Token mining platform Dexlab has closed a private funding round to create a gateway to the Solana ecosystem.

The $1.44 million was raised through grants from Solana and Eco Serum and participation from major blockchain venture capital firms. Dexlab is the developer behind Minting Lab, the turnkey solution for tokenization, management and implementation of smart contracts.

Parataxis Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, CMS, NGC Ventures are among the investment companies that have backed Dexlab’s idea of a decentralized exchange and token mining on Solana. Other backers include Ledger Prime, Arca, Bixin, DFG, Sonic Capital, Race Capital members, VTG, Evernew Capital, Genblock, Rok Capital, Dragon Roark, 499Block, Cryptomeria Capital, Axia8 Ventures, M6 and PetRock Capital.

I am grateful to all of our investors for seeing the same potential in Solana as we do and for believing that Dexlab is the best team to bring it to life, said Dennis Lee, founder and CEO of Dexlab. We look forward to the future of decentralized finance at Solana and the opportunity to help projects use the mining lab as a starting point to explore the many possibilities for tokenization and smart contract creation.

Leslie, co-founder of GBV, adds: The Dexlab Decentralised Finance as a Service platform has been adapted to the Asian market, where GBV also has its roots. By integrating with Serum, Dexlab becomes a solid lego on the road to more equitable financial services worldwide.

In addition to providing investment to enable Dexlab to develop a token issuance solution, many of the startup’s sponsors will be mentors in the areas of business development, recruitment, cash management and financial management.

Dexlab’s team, based in Korea, will be responsible for launching new Solana projects in the Asian region. By lowering the barriers to entry in the Solana ecosystem, Dexlab provides an important path for developers looking to create new defensive primitives based on native tokens with strong fundamental properties. This will enhance the network effect and align incentives between users.

Dexlab allows users to easily interact with Solana’s CLI and provides an intuitive graphical interface with a beautiful UX/UI. This gives users the ability to store, manage and list SPL and NFT tokens with a simple one-click solution that completely eliminates the need for encryption.

About Dexlab

Dexlab is a decentralized exchange where anyone can get and list SPL tokens. It contains a set of powerful challenge tools combined with an advanced graphical interface that makes creating SPL tokens easy. The Mining Lab allows users to manage all aspects of token issuance and implement linkable smart contracts.

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