Bitcoin volatility will always disappoint some investors: Michael Saylor
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Bitcoin volatility will always disappoint some investors: Michael Saylor

Some people think volatility is an unavoidable side effect for a digital currency like Bitcoin. This is not the case. Volatility isn’t good or bad, it’s just a tool for measuring future changes in supply and demand. A well-managed altcoin can be just as volatile as bitcoin, so it’s not something to sweat.

Performance is a key factor that separates successful traders from those who can’t seem to make money in the markets. Therefore, if you run a trading account and would like to make money with bitcoin, then you need to focus on the volatility of your trading strategy. You absolutely need to know whether the volatility of your strategy is unacceptable, or if it is manageable. There are two factors that you need to consider in calculating your volatility:

A key issue in cryptocurrency markets is the level of volatility, or the volatility of the price moves. These moves can be caused by many factors, but the volatility is still a major concern for investors. While volatility can often be a negative for investors, especially those who are new to the field, it can also have its advantages. Investors can often use volatility to their advantage, with strategies that involve short-term trading and are mainly based on short-term price movements.. Read more about michael saylor bitcoin prediction and let us know what you think.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy and bitcoin evangelist, recently gave an interview in which he gave his views on the global macroeconomic environment and on bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general.

As for volatility risks, Saylor said: People who invest in bitcoin as traders – and who have no technological or macro vision – will always be disappointed because of the volatility.

Following the advice of experienced crypto traders, Sailor warned viewers that they should only invest the amount (in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) that they can afford to lose. The American entrepreneur also warned investors not to make impulsive trades based on speculation and not to give investment advice to other traders looking for short-term profits.

On the other hand, Entrepreneur believes that the biggest threat to the crypto economy right now is the complexity of the regulatory environment.

In that regard, 44% of investors expect bitcoin to fall below $30,000 by 2021: CNBC Poll

As stronger fiat currencies, such as the US dollar and euro, continue to be printed, Saylor suggested that bitcoin will only get stronger, concluding:

I consider bitcoin to be the most widely used and robust monetary asset in the world.

A recent survey of a small group of bitcoin investors found that 44% expect the price of bitcoin to fall below $30,000, while 56% expect the upward trend to resume.I’ve been a fan of Bitcoin since 2011 and I’ve been working with Bitcoin for many years now. I’ve never been a fan of volatility. But, the truth is that Bitcoin’s volatility is such that it will always disappoint some of the more risk-averse/passionate investors. I have written a blog post about Bitcoin volatility and why it will continue to be an issue for some time to come.. Read more about michael saylor net worth and let us know what you think.

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