About MC

Maurizio Colarossi (“MC”) is the creator and intellectual property owner of the MC Method and the products based on it (MC Fractal Studies).

Trading enthusiast since 2004, he developed various Algorithmic Trading Strategies and Technical Indicators for a variety of charting and trading platforms, either for personal and third parties uses.

In 2009 he had an intuition about how to organize charts data in order to see their multi fractal structure, and developed the MC Method and the MC Fractal Studies Indicators.

In 2011, MC took part in an italian Trading Competition.
Among 7460 participants, he was the winner, with a +962.9% performance. The prize was a Porsche Cayman.
News: http://archive.news.itforum.it/newsletter/archive/2011-54/porsche-cayman-a-colarossi.html

In 2016 he decided to make the MC Method & Indicators available to other investors, traders and professional entities from all around the world, now Free and Open Source.